Themeco™ & Elementor Pro Web and Landing Page Designer, Building Websites that are Optimized for Search and Tweaked for Effective Lead-Generation

Hello. Thanks for dropping by. My name is Steve. I design, optimize and promote websites for small, midsize and enterprise businesses across the United States. The work I perform is for the expressed purpose of maximizing online visibility through search engine and Schema optimization (otherwise know as SEO). My primary mission is to drive business and generate more sales leads for those I represent, though I am currently not available for hire.



Where I Work

I reside among 6 million+ other souls in Houston, Texas where for the past 19+ years I’ve worked quietly, and behind the scenes scenes; without distraction or fanfare -- helping select organizations from across this great nation of ours leverage the Internet and maximize their online presence. From Texas to New York, and from Florida to Washington - geography's no obstacle.

How I Work

I’m a web designer and search engine optimization consultant. I work out of my home office from dusk to dawn. My clients are experts in their line of work. Together, we create websites that convey their unique messages effectively and profitably. At every step along the way I learn to understand their goals, and then provide my recommendations and skill sets to help reach those goals.

What I Use

First and foremost, I call upon the friendships I've nurtured over the last 20 years. The web design and marketing industry is an open source of phenomenal talent in virtually every conceivable discipline. There is no challenge that doesn't whet the chops of one of these colleagues. My sites are built primarily with Themeco X Pro framework, Elementor Pro, and WordPress. From these there's no limits.

Love the Pro Theme?

Welcome to the club. Stay Tuned for More.

If you're fan of the Themeco X Pro framework, then you know the power and customization capabilities of this behemoth. As Themeco builds upon this platform with additional features, it can be daunting for some to keep pace. So, I'll be sharing what I learn on my own as well as from a host of other experts.


Love Elementor?

You're definitely not alone.

Every once and awhile a new theme or plugin comes along that leaves the competition in the dust. Elementor; the most innovative and feature-packed page builder ever developed IS that plugin. There's a host of reasons why I can say with confidence the Elementor (and Elementor Pro) is the “best page builder ever developed”. User-friendly, intuitive, responsive, and a rapidly growing community of users and third-party developers are just a few of the reasons.