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Create Global Responsive Text with CSS

This is a test of the Ditty News Ticker.

Header Settings

Global H1 .H1 with Clamp

Global H2 .H2 with Clamp

Global H3 .H3 with Clamp

Global H4 .H4 with Clamp

Global H5 .H5 with Clamp
Global H6 .H6 with Clamp


h1, .h1 {font-size: clamp(1em, 1em + 2vw, 3em) !important;}
h2, .h2 {font-size: clamp(1em, 1em + 1.5vw, 2.5em) !important;}
h3, .h3 {font-size: clamp(1em, 1em + 1.25vw, 2em) !important;}
h4, .h4 {font-size: clamp(1em, 1em + 1vw, 1.5em) !important;}
h5, .h5 {font-size: clamp(1em, 1em + .65vw, 1.25em) !important;}
h6, .h6 {font-size: clamp(1em, 1em + .25vw, 1.1em) !important;}

Min, Preferred, Max

Fluid H1 Headline with Clamp

Fluid H2 Headline with Clamp


h1.fluid {font-size: clamp(1em, 1em + 2vw, 3em);}
h2.fluid {font-size: clamp(1em, 1em + 1.25vw, 3em);}

Min, Preferred, Max

1. Note that using clamp() for font sizes, as in these examples, allows you to set a font-size that grows with the size of the viewport, but doesn't go below a minimum font-size or above a maximum font-size. It has the same effect as the code in Fluid Typography but in one line, and without the use of media queries.

2. See CSS-Tricks and MDN for documentation.
Example usage: Demo

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